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Our Story

Our Founder and CEO, Chris Bailey, has been in the construction business for over 35+ years. Chris was on job sites with his dad when he was as young as 11 years old, so this kind of stuff is second nature to him. Later on, Chris's main career consisted of working as a General Contractor and Project Manager for thousands of jobs all over Arizona. Chris now owns his own contracting company, BMB Contracting, the parent company to Maintenance Porter. Maintenance Porter and BMB Contracting are family-owned and operated. Chris's daughter, Brooke Bailey, is Vice President of Maintenance Porter. Chris and his wife, Jessica, are both U.S. Army Veterans. 

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Every business hopes to make the lives of individuals easier. What problem do people face that we can fix? This is where the idea of Maintenance Porter was born. Many people, get bombarded with the stressors of everyday life and can't seem to find the time to finish tasks around the house. Maybe you have been wanting to replace your garage door for a while now but haven't gotten around to it. That is completely okay. Maintenance Porter wants to help you take these things off of your plate so that you can have the time to enjoy the things in your life that matter the most to you. 


Maintenance Porter wishes to become the premiere maintenance service company, but more than that, we want to be the company that individuals trust. MP is here to help you, in any way that you need pertaining to your house. Imagine if "The friendly neighbor" was a company... well Maintenance Porter would be

that company.

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