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Maintenance Porter Saves You Money.

Maintenance and repairs can be costly and time-consuming. The cost to fix a garbage disposal or install a fan can sometimes break the bank but Maintenance Porter is here to do it all at one standard fixed price. Many times, minor fixes and adjustments can prevent potential catastrophes in your home. There is nothing in your home that we will not fix, adjust, install, repair, inspect, build, or clean.

National Average

Costs To...

Install a fan: $150- $250 

Install garbage disposal:

$150 + cost of garbage disposal 

Install sink/ faucet: $175 + cost of sink and faucet 

Fix A leaky sink: $75

Service + preventive Maintenance on

HVAC: $250

General handyman - $150/hour 

Fix window/screens: $85/hour

Change filters on HVAC: $45

Install switches/receptacles: $50-70 each 

General electric, plumbing, HVAC fixing: $100/hour

Build furniture: $85/hour


Install TV: $150

Fix broken tile: $75

Light Bulb replacement: $45

Door hardware install and replacement: $95/hour

Garage door repair: up to $400

Painting: $75/hour 

The total cost of everything mentioned above = minimum $2,255+ you would pay using other companies.

Maintenance Porter will do all of this and more for a standard average price of $450!

That's a $1,805 minimum in savings just for the services mentioned alone!

Don't worry, 
we got this.

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