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What is Maintenance Porter? Think of Maintenance Porter as your own personal Home assistant. MP will come to your home on predetermined dates to do a thorough inspection of every item in your home and fix them. Why hire a plumber to fix a leaky sink, an electrician to install a fan, a painter to paint a room or fix a hole, an HVAC tech to clean and maintain your air conditioner and change filters, a handyman to fix a squeaky door, or any number of minor fixes and adjustments when MP will take care of all of these items, many times before you will even know it’s a problem.

MP will come to your home for 8 hours as many or as few times as you would like. Once a month, once every three months, once every six months, or once a year. We recommend at a minimum of every three months.

What exactly will MP do? Mp will inspect every aspect of your home from the exterior to the interior. HVAC, electrical, breaker box, doors, windows, blinds, sinks, faucets, drains, appliances, dryer vent, light bulbs, switches and receptacles, paint, etc. Any problems or deficiencies will then be fixed on the same day or scheduled to be fixed on a return visit.

Your first consultation and inspection are free! Yes, it's FREE. MP will fully inspect your home and catalog every item and put it in your secure customer portal. This is very helpful and money-saving for warranties and records. We keep track of warranties so you don’t have to. If your garbage disposal goes out suddenly, just give us a call and we will be out the next day to install a new one, many times for free as we will check the warranty on it. MP also has an on-call emergency technician that can be at your home within an hour to fix any emergency. You can swap your regular scheduled visit for this emergency service or utilize this service at the same price as your regular scheduled visit.

Remember, MP is your personal home assistant. If at any time you need any help around your home whether it is cleaning the garage, hanging pictures, setting up for a party, packing, or unpacking, just call MP or go on your customer portal and request a change in your scheduled visit or add this visit and keep your scheduled visit.

Why spend thousands of dollars every year to fix each problem as it arises when you can spend a fraction of that to maintain your home and prevent costly emergencies while having a personal assistant to help with the everyday chores.

Just click the book now tab and we will see you shortly.

“Don’t worry, we got this”.

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